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Tactical Training


In today's world, uncertainty can bring unexpected risks. Our specialized training program is crafted to equip organizations for international travel. Each module of the course can be customized to align with your requirements, ensuring you acquire the necessary skills to operate safely in diverse settings. Our instructors possess extensive experience in overseas environments, having spent a significant part of their lives in such contexts, enabling them to ready you for even the most challenging situations. We are committed to collaborating with you to ensure you depart fully prepared for the uncertainties that may arise.

Pre-Deployment Training

Basic SERE Training
Awareness Training

If you or your organization travels overseas or are about to send a team to a new area, our pre-deployment training is what you need. The list of courses below are designed to prepare each individual with the tools needed to safely operate in any area of the world.

  • Tactical Medical – Basic First Aid to Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)

  • Kidnap Awareness and Avoidance Training

  • Surveillance Detection Reconnaissance (SDR)

  • Digital Footprint Awareness

  • Culture Awareness

  • Survival Training – Basic to Advanced

  • Executive Protection Training

  • Basic - Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE)

  • Basic - Self Defense

  • Foreign Weapons Training

  • Weapons Training (Handgun, Carbine & Long Gun)

  • Night Fire – NVG Training

  • Tools and Technologies

  • Basic - Defensive Driving Training

  • Understanding Ballistics Class

  • Land Navigation

Weapons Training

We offer a variety of firearm courses for all skill levels, to include handgun, carbine and precision rifle. Our elite instructors can instruct individuals or groups with no prior training as well as those that are more advanced. The instruction starts in our classroom, and than we apply what was learned and put it into practice on the range. This can be anything from fundamentals to moving and shooting to advanced night shooting with night vision goggles.

  • Handgun I: Fundamentals of the Fight

  • Handgun II: Advanced Applications & Skills

  • Handgun III: Expert Tactics & Unconventional Applications

  • Carbine I: Basic Rifle Fundamentals

  • Carbine II: Advanced Combat Rifle Applications

  • Scoped Rifle I: Introduction to Distance Rifles

  • Scoped Rifle II: Advanced Applications of the Distance Rifle

  • Scoped Rifle III: Unconventional Skills for the Distance Rifle

  • Advanced Gunfighter: Multi-platform Combative (handgun/carbine combo)

  • Close Quarter Combat (CQC) for the Home: Modern Civilian Home Defense Tactics – Ask about us coming to you

Advanced Weapons Training
Elite Instructors
Long gun training
Shooting Range

The success of an organization hinges on its employees' awareness of their environment and their ability to adapt.

Training Campus

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